Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21, 2010

- This whole Conan O’Brien / Jay Leno / Tonight Show fiasco has been making news for over a week now, and I’m not going to re-hash what everyone already knows, but I will say that it has made the late night talk shows “Must See TV” since the news broke. Tell me honestly that you’re not going to watch Conan’s final show on Friday night.

I love watching Conan get his digs in, but even more so, I am enjoying watching David Letterman zing NBC night after night. I remember when Letterman was slighted in favour of Leno, and left NBC to go to CBS…and the bitterness at the time. It’s interesting to watch him now, established at CBS with a much better show than he ever would have had at NBC, and think back to that time. I would hope that next week, David Letterman has Conan O’Brien as a guest.

What is it about Jay Leno that makes him such an untouchable commodity? Does anyone find him funny? Or his show anything but a formulaic template that anyone with an ability to speak in public and any semblance of comic timing could do?

(On a side note, anyone who doesn’t think that Craig Ferguson is the funniest thing on late night television should really evaluate their sense of humour)
- Today, CBS announced the cast for the new season of The Amazing Race, which premieres on February 14th. As I reported here back in early December, Jeff and Jordan from last season's Big Brother are contestants, as is former Miss Teen South Carolina Caitlin Upton. Don't remember her? Check out this clip, which I NEVER get tired of watching.

- NBA All-Star weekend is coming up soon, and while Lucas and I enjoyed watching it together last year, let’s be honest, the Saturday night 3-point Shootout and Slam Dunk Contest aren’t nearly what they used to be. Yes, Dwight Howard re-invigorated the dunk contest, and last year Lebron James declared he would be in it this year, but neither of them will be competing, and it will be the same group of players that are on the periphery of the NBA.

I figured out a way to make the All-Star Saturday night more entertaining. You take your players that are registered for the 3-point Shootout and you take your players that are registered for the Slam Dunk Contest…and you switch them. That’s right, take the dunkers and make them shoot threes, and take the shooters and make them dunk. It wouldn’t make any highlight reels, but can you honestly tell me it wouldn’t be ridiculously entertaining?

-Joseph Gordon-Levitt may have the most punchable face on the planet. Am I wrong? I mean, he was annoying as a kid on 3rd Rock From The Sun, so I’m sure we all saw this coming. Although to be fair, when you’re on-screen with John Lithgow, by default you top out at the “second most annoying person on-screen” at the time.
- In last week’s post on Mark McGwire and his admission that he used steroids, I stated that the next few days would be interesting to see, and wondered what the backlash would be, if any. Well, it has been pretty one-sided, with names like Goose Gossage, Carlton Fisk, and Jack Clark piling on McGwire and other steroid users. I couldn’t be happier to see some class acts speak out against McGwire and the rest of the cheaters who have tainted the ‘steroid era’ in baseball.

- I want to make this for dessert next time I have people over. Seriously, how awesome is this? (Thanks to Matt for sending it in.)
- I have no idea how this ad relates to the product, but I do know that it is hilarious. I nearly spit my drink all over the screen at the 1:12 mark.


brytni said...

I agree, C. Ferguson is quite literally a God.

Anonymous said...

I found this and thought of you. It was an article about how movies would have been different if the stars that roles were initially offered to wouldn't have turned them down. This was by far the scariest. I still cannot picture it. I know it has nothing to do with the above post, but thought it was interesting none-the-less.
"Imagine how different Star Wars could have been with Burt Reynolds as Han Solo. It's not that hard to imagine him in the part—Reynolds had the kind of rakish charm that Harrison Ford ultimately brought to the role. But in the late '70s, Reynolds was already a movie star. One has to wonder if his star wattage would have sucked attention from the other unknown actors like Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher, and essentially altered the iconic sci-fi film."

Anonymous said...

I really like Joseph Gordon Levitt. He's a fantastic actor. Check out Brick or The Lookout.

Also, he looks like Heath Ledger's clone from certain angles.


Sean said...

You can like him, and say that he's a great actor...but you can't disagree that his face is supremely punchable, can you?

Anonymous said...

I'll agree that he looks punchable in the picture you posted. But in most of the movies I've seen him in, he's a pretty good lookin' dude.

Just sayin'.