Friday, December 18, 2009

December 18, 2009

Last night was the final episode of Survivor until the 3-hour finale and reunion on Sunday. Some thoughts on last night’s episode and the upcoming finale.

- I’m not sure why I don’t write a Survivor recap, like I do with The Amazing Race. I really enjoyed doing a regular weekly Amazing Race Post every week, and I’m thinking that I should work a Survivor recap in for the next season. We’ll see once the new season hits us in February.

- I’ve said it before, but Russell is without a doubt the best player in the history of this game. If you can tell me someone who has played a better game (whether they won or lost), please feel free to argue that point in the Comments section, because I’d love to hear it. From finding THREE immunity idols, and using two which essentially prolonged his life in the game, to aligning himself with the right people, to eliminating anyone who was getting ready to target him, to his abilities in challenges and around camp…this guy is the best.

From the very first season of Survivor, a winning strategy was clear…get an alliance of four, and stick with it, no matter what. That’s what happened with Richard, Sue, Kelly, and Rudy…and it got them to the final four. Yet for some reason, so many players don’t stick to that strategy..they flip and flop when the numbers dwindle, and ditch the original alliance. Stick with your group of 4, never waver, and human nature will take care of the rest. Russell, Mick, Jaison, and Natalie came into the merge down 8 members to 4…and they’re setting up to be the Final Four. Any future contestants should remember that lesson.

- I really enjoyed the reward challenge with the ropes holding up the coconuts. At it’s core, it was like a life-sized version of Jenga or Kerplunk, but I thought it was a great challenge. I had to laugh at Natalie’s request for God to guide them on this challenge, and to help them win. I always think it’s ridiculous that people ask God for help on something like this, like Jesus doesn’t have better things to do than to make sure you get a feast on Survivor. It wasn’t even an immunity challenge! So, when Natalie’s team ended up dropping about a MILLION coconuts to lose the challenge, I laughed because it was like Jesus was flipping her the bird and saying, “THAT’S what you get for even asking!” And how awesome was it to see Russell, at a key moment in the challenge, pick a rope that dropped NO coconuts. (see point above) If you want some insight into that challenge, read Jeff Probst’s blog from where he explains how it was created and that it actually took over FOUR HOURS to complete.

- There is absolutely no way that Brett can win this game, or even make the final Tribal Council for that matter. With the way they’ve edited him this season…like the fact that he never spoke until last week…he can’t possibly be in line to win the million dollars. They would never have avoided a player this much if he had a shot to win it in the end. He’s the first one out on Sunday’s finale.

- With all the talk of Shambo’s mullet, I thought she was going to end up with her head shaved somehow in this episode. Seriously, first Russell is talking about her hiding food in it, then Probst makes a comment during a challenge, and Shambo shares that she’s had it since 1986! Seriously? That’s disgusting. But not nearly as disgusting as the comment my girlfriend made during the episode, which involved a visual of how long the hair on OTHER parts of her body must be. I’ll leave it at that, because I’m starting to gag again…

- I’m looking forward to the finale. This has been a great season, and I’m sure the ending will be worth it. I’m picking Russell, because as much as people on the jury are upset at how he played the game, you can’t argue with his strategy. I think he’ll be able to explain it during the Final Tribal Council if he makes it.

Who’s your pick?

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