Sunday, December 4, 2011

Amazing Race Recap: “Cab Collusion In Panama”

There are only four teams left on the Amazing Race, and after tonight's episode in Panama, the Final Three will be set. Will Sandy be able to conquer her fear of heights? Will Cindy continue to hate my recaps? (True story) And what effect will the local taxi drivers have on the outcome?

My Random Thoughts:

- As I predicted in last week’s recap, this episode started with Andy and Tommy online at the Ford website customizing the Mustangs that they won on the last leg of the Race. I’ve expressed my frustration with the constant ad placement we see on shows like TAR, Survivor, and Big Brother, but I was reading last week that Jeff Probst addressed it, saying that since so many people use a Tivo or DVR, and zip past the commercials, advertisers are more apt to place the products in the episodes now. We’d better get used to it, it’s only going to get worse.

- The final task in Belgium had teams dressing up like the hapless detectives from the comic strip Tintin, and trying to find out who they were. The costumes were rather entertaining, and I thought it was hilarious that people who already had moustaches, had to wear a second one overtop.

Sandy asked Jeremy, “Do you like me as a man?” and Jeremy responded that he did…which then transitioned into the obvious comment from Ernie, smiling at Cindy and saying “Nice moustache.”

Also, for the record, I have to think that wandering around the streets of Belgium at 3 am in suits, hats, and fake moustaches with a camera crew and asking locals in front of a Pizza Hut, “Are you into comics” would usually result in some sort of arrest.

- After they got their next clue from a remarkably lifelike Tintin, the teams were all off to Panama, where they proceeded to yell “Rapido” and “Andale” to every person they encountered. Marcus was given some “bad luck rocks”, which he had earmarked for Andy and Tommy, but since he forgot to give them to Team Snowboard, he just chucked them out the window.

And Yes Marcus, we get it: this leg is the Conference Championship, and if you win, you’re going to the Super Bowl. Yawn.
- After a train ride, a plane ride, and a cab ride, teams now had to board a boat and speed up a river in the pitch black of night. “Homey’s drivin’ by the stars right now,” the always affable Tommy told us. When they reached their destination, they would have to sign up for morning tattoo appointments, which were staggered by 20 minutes.

Here’s what I don’t get. It’s ok to drive at this hour of the night, it’s ok to race up a river in the middle of the night, and it’s ok for a musical welcoming party to be there in the middle of the night, so why make teams wait until the morning to have their tattoos done? Is it just so that the daylight makes for better TV viewing? And why wasn’t there 20 minutes between the 3rd and 4th appointments? Why was it 7:00, 7:20, 7:40, and 7:40? Why wasn’t the last one for 8:00?

- Andy and Tommy were talking once again about how much they were loving the experience of the Race, and the thrill of experiencing another culture. And the other teams were talking about how the Snowboarders were so strong. Only 20 minutes in, and with all the talk of Andy and Tommy winning 6 legs, I was worried this would be the last of them.

- The tattoos that the teams received said San Francisco Bay, meaning they were to now head to the San Francisco Bay Towers, despite the fact that I was really hoping Cindy would misinterpret the clue and hop a flight back to the U.S. There, they were faced with a Roadblock where one member would have to walk a tightrope between the towers 35 stories high, get a clue, and walk back.

Well, I say “one member”, but based on who had already performed previous Roadblocks, the clue specified that “Andy, Sandy, Cindy, and Amani MUST perform the Roadblock.”
- That was less than ideal for Sandy , who is afraid of heights. But she powered through it and got it done despite her fears. I was really impressed with that, because in the past, we’ve seen Sandy get dramatically frustrated at tasks, holding her head in her hands and making statements like “we’re done”, “we’re screwed”, or “we’re out”, but here, she just sucked it up and did it. Well done, Sandy.

- Cindy’s response to the tightrope was “Holy Balls”, which would have been a lot funnier coming from Ernie, and as she was crossing the rope, she kept saying in her grating Chicago accent “Oh my gaaaaaaaad!” Even when she completed it and they were down on the ground again, she looked up and said “Oh my gaaaaaad, is that where I just was?”

- Amani got through the tightrope by picturing her kids at the end, knowing that they would see them soon, and Andy breezed through it, giving Tommy a “low-five” at the turn.
- The next clue would send the teams to a Panamanian Sno-Cone cart at the statue of Ferdinand De Lesseps. Since it was located beneath a rooster, every team tried to communicate this to their cab drivers by saying “cock-a-doodle-doo.” Yes folks, the language of farm animals is universal.

- The next challenge was a Detour, which gave teams the opportunity to work in two of Panama's oldest trades: Filet or Sole? In Filet, teams would visit the largest fish market in Panama, and deliver exact amounts of seafood to different vendors scattered throughout the market. In Sole, working with a single piece of leather for the sole and straps, teams would have to make one pair of sandals.

- Three of the teams chose Sole, and Amani and Marcus’ cab driver tried to make it all four by taking them to the wrong place. Apparently there was a Cab Driver Pow-Wow, and the taxis were working together, despite directions from the teams to the contrary.

The task was relatively easy for all three teams, but my favourite moment was when Ernie and Cindy were done, and the judge was coming over to check. Cindy asked him, “Bueno?”, as if he didn’t know why he was coming over, and he threw a hand up in her face before telling her it wasn’t good enough.

- Amani and Marcus were the only team that chose Filet, and soon learned that they had to transport all of the fish by hand. I can’t decide if that would have smelled better or worse than having to work with Panamian feet in the other part.
And weren’t we all expecting Marcus, at some point with a giant armful of fish, to tell us that this reminded him of playing the Miami Dolphins?

- Now, teams had to go to the public dance at Cathedral Square, and figure out that the Pit Stop (Panama Viejo) was on one of the dresses, and one of the bronze plates. Between Andy and Tommy gawking up close, Sandy on her knees pointing at a woman’s crotch, and Marcus wiping sweat off of one of the dancers (imagine how bad that smelled after just coming from the fish market), it appeared to be an overall violation of the dancers’ personal space.

Andy and Tommy deduced that the Pit Stop destination was Balboa, but they were wrong. Their cab driver took them to the Panama Canal for some reason, and then another cab took them to the Balboa statue on Balboa Avenue, which was wrong again. How bad is your cab driver, when you tell him you want to go to “Balboa” and even though there is a BALBOA STATUE ON BALBOA AVENUE, he still takes you to the Panama Canal?

- Ernie and Cindy and Amani and Macus both thought the answer was Balboa as well, so they left in their cabs, while Jeremy and Sandy sketched a picture of the building from the bronze necklace, and went to ask their cab driver if he recognized it. As they were leaving, Sandy reverted back to her over-dramatic ways, saying “if that’s not it, we’re done.” Lo and behold, their cab driver knew it was the Panama Viejo.
- Cindy told their cab driver not to communicate with the other driver, yelling at him “Don’t tell him! We have to win!” Interesting juxtaposition between Cindy and Sandy, who earlier in the episode, expressed that they don’t need to come first…they just don’t want to come fourth.

- So, to recap, Jeremy and Sandy are on the way to the Pit Stop, Team NFL is on the way to the wrong place, Team Cindy-Controls-Ernie is on their way to the wrong place, and Team Snowboard is presumably on their way back to Cathedral Square to figure out what they missed.

And here’s where the shit hit the fan for me, because the three cab drivers (not the snowboarders cab) started communicating with each other, and Jeremy and Sandy’s cab driver told the other two that they need to go to the Panama Viejo.

So, in essence, two teams that didn’t figure out where the Pit Stop was, then had their cab driver decide to take them to someplace other than where he was instructed to, and reaped the benefits of Jeremy and Sandy figuring it out. Cindy doesn’t want her cab driver sharing information, but she’s only too happy to take it. Shameful.

I can’t even begin to explain how angry I am about this. I know many people feel the same, so I look forward to the Comments section this week.

- I would have been even angrier if Jeremy and Sandy hadn’t won this leg, since they were the ones who solved the final clue. Good for them on their first win, where they received a trip to Turks and Caicos.

Was anyone else as outraged as I was at Cindy’s insincere “I’m so happy for you guys” at the Pit Stop mat? I wanted some Panamanian children to come out of the bushes and start randomly punching and kicking her in her already-bruised legs.

- Amani and Marcus finished in third, setting up the Season Finale, and all three teams did a “we beat the boys” celebration while Stringer Bell did an ass-slapping dance and launched into a self-congratulatory speech about David and Goliath.


You just lucked into the answer from another cab driver. Period.

- Andy and Tommy were eliminated, which is unfortunate, because they were the best team by far this season. I’m not sure they would have been back in time to survive anyways, but cab collusion is a pretty brutal way to go out.
I loved their attitude, and I have to point out once again that Andy and Tommy always talked about the race as an experience, and were never upset at not winning prizes, even when they lost out on first place. The raced with class, and they went out with class.

Next Week: The teams head to Atlanta for the Season Finale.
(I'm rooting for Jeremy and Sandy)

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Thanks for reading.

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Choirchick22 said...

So I stopped watching this show a few episodes into the season, but I've been checking your recaps to make sure the Snowboarders were in it still. So sad to see them leave now. Especially because of the cheating. And yes, I call it cheating just like I called the stuff last season cheating.
I've been applying to go on TAR with my best friend, and trust me, if we do get on we will not be participating in any sort of cheating. I'd wanna earn every bit of it.

Anonymous said...

I have been watching TAR for the past 4 seasons and my favorite team(s) is always eliminated.

16- Jet and Cord
17- Kevin and Michael
18- Jet and Cord
19- The Grandparents & Snowboarders

Why does this always happen?!
I don't think I will even watch the finale. If someone wins, I hope it's Jeremy and Sandy. The other two teams make me sick.

Gabe said...

Choirchick, stop being so high and mighty about the cabs! It's not as simple as it was shown on the show: A) The teams weren't aware that the cab drivers of other teams were talking to each other. B) Panama Viejo is apparently located on a street called Balboa Avenue. (Sean, when the snowboarders were in the cab, the driver said "Balboa Statue or Balboa Avenue" and after the statue was a miss they went back.) C) You're full of bull, you know you would take any information given to you.

Sean, your taste in teams is not very good. I know it's an opinion, but I feel like Andy and Tommy have been such douchebags this whole race. For example, tonight, as Sandy was freaked out of her mind going across the tightrope, Tommy was making fun of her. Andy had already finished, so he nothing to gain from it yet did it anyways. Also, the fact that they lucked into winning half of the legs this season was just annoying. They really only earned 4 of them, as two were b.s. wins due to penalties. I loved the David vs. Goliath plotline for the Final 3 and I really hope Ernie and Cindy can squeak out a win next leg!

Emma Furfaro said...

Emma's Random Thoughts:
-Cindy is the most annoying person I have ever seen on this show and I really wish B-student Ernie would stop taking her crap.
-Marcus' mustache was hilarious.
-Team Snowboard was the best team I have ever seen on TAR.
-Not even going to bring up the cab scenario but what I will say is that, even though I can't stand Cindy, I don't blame the teams, I blame the drivers. Put yourself in that position. With a language barrier and confusion, if a cab driver talks to another cab driver and takes you somewhere you didn't want to go- deal with the consequences whether they are beneficial or not. In this case they were and I have to disagree with Miss. Choirchick22 because if a cab driver took me to the right pit stop when I had told him the wrong one, I'd be very grateful. You can't tell me that if your cab driver took you to the right place when you were wrong you would say "You know what, no, this is cheating, I'm not going to the put stop." I'd for sure feel like the elimination of Team Snowboard was unfair (and I am their biggest fans) but you take what you can get in this race, as much as that sucks sometimes. It's just too bad that Andy and Tommy's cab driver wasn't in on the cab driver conference call pow wow.
-I'm done watching this season. I don't think anyone but Team Snowboard deserved it and I don't care to see who wins because I don't think any of these people deserve a million dollars.

Thanks for your recaps Uncle Sean! I look forward to Survivor!

Emma Furfaro said...

And Gabe your comments about the snowboarders was pretty much the FUNNIEST thing I have ever heard. Hahahahaha douche bags? Really? I'd hate to see what you think of the people that I think are douche bags.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I have been watching TAR for the past 4 seasons and my favorite team(s) is always eliminated.

16- Jet and Cord
17- Kevin and Michael
18- Jet and Cord
19- The Grandparents & Snowboarders

Wow your taste is downright terrible! The cowboys were supremely annoying and awful, Kevin was a total asshole to his own father, and the snowboarders were total douchebags.

Your only saving grace is Bill and Cathi, who are fantastic and should have won this season <3

Anonymous said...

Shameful episode. Teams should have been penalized. Cindy is one phony beeyatch. I am so tired of Marcus' one track football analogies. "Yawn" is right Sean. Not keen on watching the final. Guess I have to hope for Sandy and Jeremy, as they are the only legitimate team in the final. Thank you TAR producers for the great message to the kiddies tonight......"the end justifies the means". For shame....for shame....

Gabe said...

Emma, your opinion on the snowboarders has no basis. Whereas I actually cited an example that qualifies in showing how awful they are, you just put down my opinion instead of actually responding in a thoughtful manner. There were a few times were they sounded entitled as if a spot in the finals was supposed to be just handed to them.

Choirchick22 said...

First off I'm not being high and mighty. I just said I wouldn't want to participate in any cheating. I think if you win a ton of money, you should have to earn every bit of it. That's not being high and mighty, that's just respecting hard work and effort.
Secondly, as I said, I don't watch the episodes. I only have what he posts to go off of, he called bull and I said I don't approve of cheating. I understand the racers themselves had no control over their cab drivers.
Stop freaking out over a comment about a reality tv show guys. my opinion isn't gonna end your life or the world. I promise.

Gabe said...

Choirchick, as Emma said (I'm actually agreeing with Emma lol!), if you were driven to the pit stop on accident, you wouldn't drive back because you thought it was cheating, you would check in.

Lorro said...

I was extremely surprised that with the TinTin references, they didn't even plug Speilberg's new remake, I was waiting for the reference. I am annoyed at how the snowboarders were taken out, but it's not the teams' faults, especially when they told the cabbies not to confer. Don't know who to root for next week, but it won't be Marcus, I can't handle any more football references!

Sean said...

2 points:

1) I don't blame the racers. I DO blame the cab drivers. I thought that came across in my post, but to clarify, I place 100% of the blame on the cab drivers.

2) Cindy, please stop posting under the name "Gabe"

Emma Furfaro said...

Choirchick is hilarious and Gabe you're right. That was the one time they had ever poked fun at a team. Can you think of any others? I like the Snowboarders because they are kind to every person they encounter. Like my uncle said, they have class. Complete class. They are appreciative and hard-working and I believe they earned the legs they won. Did you see them everywhere they went? So grateful, so human. They marveled at God's glory and shook hands with every person they encountered. Every leg was a gift to them and every leg was handled with class and composure. I've never seen a team as strong as they were: as a team, as individuals and as people. I find the race brings out people's true colours and I am most impressed with the character and integrity that the snowboarders showed. I picked them as my favourite because they were, by far, the best team on TAR. Snow shredding Christians unite! Goodnight everybody! Enjoy the rest of the show :)

Gabe said...

Sean, you make me laugh.. I am not even worthy of talking to Cindy, let alone actually being her.

Emma, I think your post highlighted another reason I don't really like them. I'm going to get a lot of flak for this, but I also felt like they were really sanctimonious in terms of always talking about God and his creation and stuff like that. I don't mind people being religious, but I don't like it being shoved down my face (example: Thailand leg where they were at a Bhuddist temple).

Also, it's kind of sad that you're so obsessed with them that you think they are the best team in Race history and won't even watch the finale because of their elimination. It seems kind of petty.

Ernie and Cindy forever <3333

Sean said...


They weren't 'always talking about God'...go back and look at previous episodes. Seriously, watch them again.

4 mentions of their spirituality, all totalling under 1 minute. Last week was 5 seconds max, and this week, one comment.

Haters are going to hate, regardless of the actual facts.

Hal 9000 said...

I'm pretty sure it's not that Cindy hates your recaps, it's that you post them on her Facebook page in a blatant attempt to get traffic from her family and friends, and those of them that click on your post find that you insult her throughout. Just sayin'.

Emma Furfaro said...

Yeah, you're right, it is just so sad that I am a fan of team snowboard. You wanna talk about sad- You're not worthy of talking to Cindy? Yikes man.. I disagree that Christianity was pushed on viewers. That's who the snowboarders are. They're not religious, they follow Jesus and He is the biggest part of their life. Obviously they're always going to be talking about Him. I'd hate to see you watch me on this show. Anyways, I'm bored of this conversation and I don't feel like arguing with you, Cindy. Dump Ernie, he deserves better ;) Haha

Emma Furfaro said...

Haters gonna hate Uncle Sean, couldn't have said it better myself. Great recap and awesome opinions! I totally agree.

Sean said...

Look back at my earlier recaps Hal 9000, I was actually pretty complimentary of Cindy and said she was getting a bad edit. My comment about her hating my recaps is based on personal direct messages and other interesting factors.

Glad you came to read though. Thanks.

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Sean, could you please post the URL to the website that is raising money to free Ernie from his potential life of servitude to Ilsa of the SS (Cindy). I'm prepared to donate...this isn't a pity party, but hell....the poor guy....just gotta do something

Gabe said...

"Haters are going to hate, regardless of the actual facts."
I'll give you this one, something about them rubbed me the wrong way so everything bad they do I tend to overexaggerate.

"Yeah, you're right, it is just so sad that I am a fan of team snowboard."
Ummm WTF? I never said that, I said it was sad that you're so obsessed with them to the point that you will no longer watch the finale due to their elimination.

"You wanna talk about sad- You're not worthy of talking to Cindy?"
Emma, that comment is what some people would refer to as sarcasm, though that's partially my fault since sarcasm doesn't come across well in text form.

"They're not religious, they follow Jesus"
Following Jesus is a religion, Emma.

"That Gabe's got some big balls. Guess the she/he is just some testosterone wannabee who picked a nice guy like Ernie (meelie mouth) to Pussy wipe whip into shape. Asian/Caucasian atrocity!"
1) Yes I have big balls ;) (Sarcasm again)
2) I'm a he.
3) Why am I a testosterone wannabe for saying my opinions? Everyone else said their's, why can't I say mine?
4)I'm straight, and I've only ever had a girlfriend once (I'm still a young teenager though so it's not like I'm a 30 year old loser or anything)
5) Way to complete generalize two races because of the way I've been acting on this board. I'm sure there are plenty of Caucasians who are not like me and plenty of Asians who are not like Cindy.

Sean said...

Gabe, you are absolutely entitled to your opinion, whether anyone (including me) likes it or disagrees with it.

Discussion is good. Glad you're participating, whether I agree or not.

Gabe said...

Thank you Sean.

Also, galilocean, why did you edit your comment to make it something completely different? I already quoted the entire thing in my last post, so it's not like you really took the commments back.

Sean said...

He didn't edit it. I deleted it. That comment at 11:35 pm was a second, different one.

I hate deleting comments, and rarely do, but I felt the last line was inappropriate.

shipaddict said...

So how many names did those detectives have? I heard Johnson and Johnson, Dupond and Dupond, and something else I can't remember.

I really liked Team Snowboard. But I wasn't all that surprised that they couldn't figure out the clue today. It seems on challenges where they actually have to THINK and not just DO they struggle.

I thought their behavior tonight was a little douchey -- taunting Sandy while she was trying to do her challenge. Totally unnecessary. I also don't like all the talk of religion. It just seems a little smarmy on a reality TV show. And it's not just on TAR -- it's been on Survivor the past few seasons as well. It just seems out of place and a little offputting to me. Just my opinion.

Anyhow ... I'm hoping for Jeremy and Sandy to win the whole thing. They were kind of a nonexistent couple thru this whole thing. I literally didn't know Sandy's name til tonight. But they are the least irritating couple that's left. But I have a feeling it's not going to be them, cos my daughter got a little inside information when she got to meet one of the team members from this season last month.

Gabe said...

shipaddict! Someone who mildly agrees with me! But that last line is unecessary, I didn't come to this recap for any sort of spoilers, and I want to be surprised by next week's finale.

Peter Chan said...

Wow. I'm in the minority and am actually not a fan of the snowboarders. I don't dislike them, but I certainly not a huge supporter and fan like most folks.

Unlike the others, I think the finale is now actually gonna be entertaining simply because it's now a free-for-all.

LOVE IT. What madness at the end.

Anonymous said...

For Gabe.
Panama Viejo is not on Balboa Avenue. The other two teams were headed in a completely wrong direction and were redirected by their cab drivers. Whatever the religious views of the various teams happen to be, the most successful team of the season was eliminated unfairly.

shipaddict said...

Gabe, that's hardly a spoiler!! I didn't share with you what the inside information was, just that I had a *feeling* it wasn't going to be that particular team. And the info that i have *doesn't* tell me who won. It was other information.

Anonymous said...

"It’s ok to drive at this hour of the night, it’s ok to race up a river in the middle of the night, and it’s ok for a musical welcoming party to be there in the middle of the night, so why make teams wait until the morning to have their tattoos done? Is it just so that the daylight makes for better TV viewing?"
Yes, HD is a major reason. But here are some more important ones:
1. Teams need to sleep
2. San Francisco Bay Towers ROADBLOCK could not safely be done in the dark.

R.P. McMurphy said...

I was excited to see 30 comments when I checked in this morning but was then disappointed to see it was mostly back and forth bickering.

I am unsatisfied with the way the episode ended last night but I don't feel there was cheating of any kind taking place. I must say, thought, that my view of what happened has softened somewhat this morning.

So many teams have been burned by bad cab drivers over the years, it certainly was a change to see cab drivers WORKING to help the racers. So much of being successful in the race depends on the help and information that the racers get from others. The timing stunk (getting into the finale), and the events knocked out the popular snowboarders, and I don't like it it but, so it goes on the race.

"Holy Balls" is the kind of religious interjection that I can live with.

Kurt Sahr said...

Shipaddict mentioned something I also noticed; there were three different names for the detectives than Tyler from MTV's Challenge, er, I mean, Tintin, accepted: Dupont & Dupond, Johnson & Jonson, and Thompson & Thompson. I wonder if the actor was instructed to accept any of those three, or if there was just a language barrier, and he was looking for the key word "detectives." I don't know enough about Tintin to know if those are all acceptable answers or not.

I heard Tintin, and I immediately assumed, as did Lorro apparently, that we were about to be bombarded with a promotional tool for the upcoming Spielberg film. I was glad to see they didn't have to experience the "thrill" of watching the film the same way the Survivor cast to experience the "joy" of watching Jack & Jill.

Of course, Tintin has to be better than Jack & Jill, so it maybe it wouldn't have been so bad.

Anonymous said...

How bad is your cab driver, when you tell him you want to go to “Balboa” and even though there is a BALBOA STATUE ON BALBOA AVENUE, he still takes you to the Panama Canal?

Pretty good, actually if they first take their ride to the Balboa section of Panama City at the Panama Canal. That makes good sense to me.

dougandcheryl said...

Wow. This one has got them going.
I was sad last night too. I think it is sad to see people say the snowboarders are horrible when they were one of the only teams who were not only kind to others but to each other all the time. I always like the teams that don't rip each other apart all the time the best.
They were so positive and happy all the time and I love that.
I thought it really sucked that they were eliminated because of a mistake that two other teams made as well and they just had the bad luck to have the one cab driver that wasn't a part of the inner circle.
I agree with you too that the other teams should have been more aware of that. They were all so concerned about not having their drivers share info but then didn't even seem to acknowledge the fact that because somebody else's did is the only reason they are in the final 3.
I like Armani and Markus but I did lose a little respect when he gave that speech at the end and I did feel that Sandy and Jeremy were the only ones that deserved it at that point- and I don't like them much.
They all knew thought that they had no chance if Andy and tommy were in the end. Andy and Tommy deserved it- they were the best team no matter who wins.

Emily said...

"How bad is your cab driver, when you tell him you want to go to “Balboa” and even though there is a BALBOA STATUE ON BALBOA AVENUE, he still takes you to the Panama Canal?"

Balboa is a district of Panama City, located on the Pacific side of the Panama Canal. Balboa is also a popular cruise port, so that could be where the confusion came from as well. Just to clear that up!

H said...

Hi I almost forgot about the dreaded "car curse." I kinda wished Ernie & Cindy had won them ;-)

HoH8 said...

Wow...over 35 comments and nobody mentioned not even u Sean bout what i kept seeing all throughout the epi...

the constant shot of Sandy boobies all nite...her purple low cut blouse and everytime she would bend down, there was the camera man, taking another shot of her boobies....

let me tell u, the camera man and the edit man sure had a ball getting all those clips together...

last nite was so sad seeing my snowboarders leave and to make this season the WORST...Bert(cindy) had better NOT win next week with her puppet Ernie...

im guessing everyone's Fav are gone by now so now we have to root for a team we didnt im with u Sean, im rooting for Jeremy and Sandy...maybe she will wear her lucky purple blouse again and give them luck, lol...☺....

Emma Furfaro said...

Gabe makes me lawl so hard.

Peter Chan said...

Just another thing reading these comments... How was that cheating? Did the teams that benefited from it purposefully went around the directions and ask for an answer? They just sat there and were driven to their destination. Cheating would be asking for an answer and getting it.

This was not cheating. It was just shear horrid luck for the snowboarders. Sorry your favorite team was on the backend of the raw deal, but you can't blame the other racers.

Kiwi Al said...

I agree with you Sean, it just didn't feel fair! To dominate the whole race and be eliminated like that, not sure who I want to win next week.

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A Kam said...

Sean, it has been great reading your recaps, for both Survivor and TAR.

I am happy to see the snow boarders gone. I think around episode 6, I started getting fed up with them. When they were under pressure they always cracked, I am not sure which one it was (not the one with the beard), but he kept was failing in a challenge, and he kept on yelling at the lady who told him NO several times. Also during the carnival dance, when he could not get his stuff together, you could see him start to breakdown and not handle the stress properly. I did not like them talking about punching the ladies at the waxing parlor in the face. I thought that was completely inappropriate, and I am disappointed that you even supported that sort of thing, sean.

I consider the snowboarders to be a bit too cocky, they were not too blatant about it, but it showed many times through the season. And yes the comment to booby sandy was not necessary. (yes I noticed they kept on showing sandy's boobs like crazy the whole episode, but I am definitely not complaining about that)

TAR is not just about physical strength, Agility or speed, and that is what got the snowboarders. When it came time to think, they always failed.

Cindy and Ernie, Marcus and Armani, also got a lucky break last episode, but hey that's what the game is all about, getting those lucky breaks, that is what can make or break a team. Snowboarders knew they were in the lead already, they should have really taken a bit more time to make sure they knew where they were going.

Marcus is really pissing me off with his constant NFL references, his wife is cool though.

Ernie needs to man up a bit

Cindy needs to really take a chill pill and stop being so damn bossy and argumentative.

Sandy and Jeremy need to keep doing what they have been doing the last 2 episodes, and they will be good to go. I did not like the way Jeremy treated Sandy at the start of the season, but it seems like their behavior towards each other has improved greatly.

I have been rooting for the Grandparents, and Armani and Marcus. Though I would prefer to see Jeremy and Sandy win because I think they could really use the Money, whereas M+A should already have money from Marcus' NFL days

jonmarsh80 said...

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Alisha said...

I agree with a lot of what A Kam had to say. I was in the minority and not a fan of the Snowboarders what so ever. I have also found the religious Jesus stuff on the CBS reality shows to be WAY too much lately (I'm talking to you too, Survivor!); their behavior in Thailand was ridiculous, CBS taking time to show them talking about the scripture on their backpacks was ridiculous... I don't know. It's like CBS is trying to gain viewership in the form of this preachy Jesus BS and I don't appreciate it. Sorry if that offends, but it's all just so unnecessary to me. It is even WORSE on Survivor the last few seasons.

As far as the "cheating" goes, I don't think it was cheating. I think J&S and A&M caught a lucky break, and there are a few legs where the Snowboarders have caught lucky breaks as well. They were ahead, and had they not been so hasty with trying to figure out where the pit stop was, they could have still been in the finals. I agree that some of their other behavior was unnecessary too. Was the taunting of Sandy really necessary? Come on. I am sure Jesus would disapprove.

Marcus' football references were so beyond old, but I did like Amani. Cindy did seem like kind of a bitch, but I think she is just a controlling, type A person, as am I, so I think on a show like TAR, I would have come across the same exact way. Bert is just more of a Type B, and obviously, that dynamic works for their relationship, like it does for my husband and I. It's not that I push him around; it's that he is much less opinionated than I am and a kind of go-with-the-flow person, and knowing that I am not, he lets me make a lot of the decisions, speaking up when he feels like it's important. I don't think you guys can really judge their relationship based on the edit of a reality show.