Friday, June 25, 2010

June 25, 2010: Happy Anniversary

Today is an anniversary of sorts. Yes, I know that I generally do a lot of "Two years ago today" or "Five years ago today" posts. Damn, even the last post before this one was a "16 years ago today" post, but I have to acknowledge June 25th.

Last year at this time, I was sitting on a tarmac in Colorado Springs, Colorado for FIVE HOURS in an effort to get to Las Vegas with my friends for the World Series of Poker. It was a nightmare, to say the least, and if you haven't read my in-depth post on the incident, check out this post from last year.

The thing that made it worse, was that all anyone could talk about was the fact that Michael Jackson had now, every time someone commemorates the death of The King of Pop (like today), I'm taken back to that horrible time on the plane in Colorado Springs...Dave and Jeremy and I playing 300 hands of Chinese Poker; Tony, Meagan, and Melanie ready to snap since they were in desperate need of a cigarette. No food, no drink, no was horrible.

Happy Anniversary. Wish I was in Vegas right now with the rest of the gang.

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