Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 10, 2010: The Real Magic Of Facebook

A lot of times I hear criticism of Facebook, that it's just a way to keep tabs on people that you don't really want to be in touch with, or that it's a way to "creep" other people. Let's be honest, the main purpose of Facebook is to be social, that's why it's called "Social Networking." But there are a lot of positive things as well. For instance, I use Facebook to promote this blog, and a huge part of my traffic comes through there, so it's a great tool for me.

But in the last couple of months, I've found another purpose for Facebook.
This is my Uncle David. He's 24 years old (yes, he's younger than me), and he left for Afghanistan in early April and has been there about 2 months now. Aside from the occasional email from him, I have no contact with him, obviously. But every once in a while, in odd hours...I see him online on Facebook, and I get to chat with him as if he was only a few hours if he was home. Just tonight we got to spend about an hour online.

Tell me again that Facebook is a waste of time. I dare you.

And keep my Uncle David in your thoughts.


TresBelleKnits said...

You made me tear up, Sean!

Please thank your Uncle David from me for his service to our country.

I have such amazing respect for our troops!

Anonymous said...

i agree with you and i make this kind of campaign pro-facebook on my italian blog (i'm italian). I haven't uncles somewehre in Afghanistan, but i have a lot of friends that live very far from me (and it's good to keep in touch with fb)... and a while ago, thanks to facebook, a friend literally saved her dad's life (they needed blood for a blood transfusion)... so, I totally agree and people should stop criticizing facebook no matter what!

Anonymous said...

I've always been annoyed with people criticizing FB. It's a tool and you can use it as effectively or ineffectively as you want. It's stupid to say 'FB is just for creeping people' because that implies that's all you can do with it. And that is obviously not the case.

It's like saying a book is only good for squashing bugs.


David Dangelico said...

My favorite thing that people say when criticizing facebook is: "I dont want people knowing everything that I'm doing." As if there is some sort of tracker that forces you to put in all of your daily information...people need to get a life.

Also, your uncle is in my thoughts and prayers!

debra said...

hey sean: love Facebook. And I will love it more when my sister is deployed overseas. She'll either be in Afghanistan or Iraq, im not sure. But I do know I need to get her on FB before she leaves.

Funny, dont usually watch daytime tv, but yesterday turned on the tv and caught Rachael Ray. She had a great story on a guy who's mother gave him up at age 6. He hadnt seen his family in 30 years! He joined FB and after months, changed his adopted last name to his birth last name, and within 45 minutes, his cousin found him on FB! Then his sister did too. It was a great story. Im sure there are millions of them...... thanks!

Les Pinto said...

I am a FB junkie!

Your Uncle David (who is younger than you) is a Rock Star!!!