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Amazing Race Recap: "Just Keep Puking. That's What They Did In Renaissance Time."

With Chad and Stephanie being eliminated last week, the ‘domineering boyfriend count’ was cut by 33%, as the final four teams headed to Hong Kong for a predictable non-elimination leg. Would Jill and Thomas be able to maintain their huge lead on the other teams, or would there be another airport equalizer? Why is Brook dancing like a fool? And who’s puking over sushi?

My Random Thoughts:

- I had wondered for the past couple of seasons about the off-leg rest periods, and what happens to the teams. In the past, Phil always methodically told us that they had “a mandatory 12-hour rest period that allows the teams to eat, sleep, and mingle”, but there has been no mention of that for a couple of seasons now, just the times that the teams depart the Pit Stop. Tonight, we heard Jill and Thomas talking about their big lead (which rapidly evaporated at the airport), saying that they haven’t seen the other teams. I guess that answers that.

- Brook and Claire decided that they in fact were annoyed about being U-Turned, and since they were the only team to ever survive a U-Turn and not be eliminated, they suggested that once Thomas saw them at the airport, he might “poop his pants.” Look, I get that these two Pink Ladies are cutesy about everything, but I can’t think that there is any chance that when Thomas saw them, that was going to happen. I understand it’s just a figure of speech, but it’s not like they’re giving a lesson to a group of second-graders. Does the phrase “poop his pants” really have any place here?

- Nick got teary at the beginning of the episode talking about Vicki, saying that “she’s a blessing.” Apparently she’s only a blessing until her damn asthma causes them to miss a ferry, putting them 30 minutes behind. Then his praise of his girlfriend turned into “You’d better hope you can keep up because I’m not waiting for your ass.” What a classy guy, huh? Especially after he threw in the “Quit Crying” for good measure.

- I liked how in Hong Kong, Jill and Thomas were the only ones to get on the first bus, meaning the initial bus to leave the airport. But then they were the first ones to get on the First Ferry, meaning…the name of the Ferry? Did you catch that…in giant capital letters: FIRST FERRY. It’s so optimistic…even Nick and Vicki could say they made it on the “First Ferry.”

- I loved this exchange between Brook and Claire:
Brook:“Let’s hug it out.
Claire: “We did suck it out.”
Brook: “No, hug it out.”
It’s funny enough that Claire mis-heard it, but what the hell does “suck it out” mean? Did she think Brook actually said “Suck it UP”?

- After last week’s over-the-top “C’Mon Claire” display from Brook, I decided that this week, I would actually count the number of times Brook said it in the episode, much like I did the “Bro” count with Dan and Jordan, and the “Baby” count with Michael and Louie from last season. In tonight’s episode, the Count–which includes the following modified phrasing: Claire C’mon, C’mon honey, C’mon Claire Bear and C’mon (bud did not include Brook leading the Karaoke crowd in the Claire chant, OR you got this, chica/Claire)–was FIFTEEN times. I think it’s only a matter of time before Claire Bear actually kills Brook.

- I loved the fake food search at the buffet. I thought it was one of the best challenges we’ve seen in 17 seasons of the show, and it was made that much better by the frantic-ness added by the karaoke singers and Brook’s dancing. It also reminded me of the ‘Eat the Wasabi” challenge from 2 seasons ago…which may be my favourite challenge of all time.

- Claire, did you really think after reading the clue that asked who was feeling peckish…that this was going to be a singing challenge? And did we really have to hear the puking/splashing sound effect twice?

- Credit to the creative department on this episode, because I though the two Detour options were also great. The Ding Ding challenge was nearly impossible, but I still would have chosen it, simply because the other one was taking place at night with flashlights in the harbour. In the daytime, it’s an easy choice, but I would have gone with the Ding Ding Detour at night.

- What was the point of the bird whistle? Other than making the teams look ridiculous?

- Nat and Kat came in first place and gushed like schoolgirls, putting their heads on each other’s shoulders and blushing. Awww…how sweet. That should give another week of multiple Google searches on “Are Nat and Kat gay?” Trust me, it happens…I see where the traffic comes from.
(Update: as of midnight ET on the night of the episode, with this recap only being online for less than 3 hours, there were a total of 46 hits from people Googling permutations of "Nat and Kat gay".)

- “We can just take a penalty. You can’t keep puking all night.” When this is the most compassionate we’ve ever seen Nick, then it’s pretty apparent he won’t be winning any Boyfriend of the Year awards. Vicki is rapidly becoming the Zach to Nick’s Flo…remember how everyone couldn’t stand Flo, and Zach became the most sympathetic contestant in TAR history? Vicki is getting pretty close.

Even more so after Nick’s tantrum on the Sampan, ranting about how he was tired, and over-using the word “Damn” like he was Myron Mixon. He complained that the Detour was ridiculous because the numbers weren’t even in order. What kind of challenge would that be, if all you had to do was count? To be fair, for Nick that would still be pretty difficult. But after tonight’s episode, he most certainly wins the “Whiny Bitch” award.

- Nick and Vicki came last in the most obvious Non-Elimination leg yet, and with only two episodes left, will now have to face both a 6-hour penalty AND a Speed Bump in the next leg. By my calculations, this should put them 6 hours and 3 minutes behind the other teams. If the next leg stays in Hong Kong without major travel or a venue that doesn’t open until a certain time, they will most assuredly NOT be racing in the Final Three.

Next Week: The penultimate episode, as the final three teams are determined.

Just one quick final note: I will be travelling to the West Coast for 2 weeks, starting next weekend, so that may affect my recaps for both The Amazing Race and Survivor. I think they should all still work out ok, but I haven’t exactly figured it all out yet. I am travelling on December 5th, which is the second-last episode of TAR, and I may not be able to actually see the episode, much less recap it. I’m hoping it all works out as usual…the only difference is that the recaps will appear later since I will be watching the show on Pacific Time.

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